Report #1 Traffic Tactics

The simple fact is that nobody will find your website if you don’t promote it.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to accomplish this task and generate consistent traffic to your site.

Get excited and put these strategies into action asap!

Inside "Traffic Tactics Book" Find Out...

  • A unique strategy to coax more people to your website (without PPC advertising, SEO or other "normal" traffic tactics)
  • Fast and easy ways to generate free traffic (regardless of your niche)

  • Clever offline tactics you can employ to get more people visting your website (increase your net by casting offline too.  These strategies show you how.)

Report #2 Social Media Tactics

If you are not using social media as one of your main communication means, then you are missing out on a larger global audience.

Which social media platforms are best to reach, brand and sell your products?

Find out how to make the most of the social media giants. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, My Space and YouTube.

Inside "Social Media Tactics Book" Find Out...

  • How to use Twitter to build your credibility so people rush to your website
  • Increase your fan base on Facebook and get more people following you
  • Market your videos across YouTube and MySpace (There's a right way and a wrong way to promote your product or service, this report details the right way)

I'm aware "350 Sales and Marketing Tactics" is not a physical product that comes in the mail.

It is a series of 7 reports in PDF format that I can download instantly.

Yes, just $29.99

Report #3 Productivity Tactics

It is the small tasks that you do daily that determine the strength and success of your business.

And the fact is, if you are not productive you won’t earn as much money as you are capable of making.

Find out how to best manage your time, skills and resources.

Inside "Productivity Tactics Book" 

  • Find out what you need to eliminate and what you need to prioritize to get more done, faster
  • How to use this one easy trick to help kill stress so you're in a laser-focused state of mind
  • What to do to start your day, so the rest of it is set up properly and you're on fire

Report #4 Product Creation Tactics

Having your own product means you can control the sales process, keep more profit and have affiliates working hard to promote for you.

It is not good enough to knock together any old product.

Without good products that deliver on what they promise, there is not a ghost of a chance of making money in the long term.

When you create great quality products that exceed people's expectations this creates a strong foundation on which to sell future products and seals in trust.

Inside "Product Creation Tactics Book" 

  • What your niche wants and how to generate targeted proudcts so its a winner from the start
  • How to make money (even if you don't have a product)
  • Fire up your sales conversions fast by employing this one simply strategy

Report #5 Upsell Tactics

Upselling is simply the process of selling an additional or upgraded product to your prospects.  In order to keep the money coming in, you always want to go for this little extra, whenever the opportunity presents itself!

This report shows you how you can implement upsells to your products and services easily and profitably.

Inside "Upsell Tactics Book" Find Out...

  • How to build your list quickly and credibly using these 50 upsell strategies you can can implement immediately
  • The secrets behinds making your email look and sound more personal (so you're not as just another internet marketer)
  • How to avoid this common "subject line" mistake...(although a lot of people do this, find out why you should NOT!)

Report #6 Web Copy Tactics

Direct response marketers know that great copy is essential to attract and hold the attention of potential prospects.

It is no different when it comes to the copy that you place on your website.

Without coherent and informative text, your site will soon die, no matter how good your product happens to be...

Inside "Web Copy Tactics Book" Find Out...

  • Everything you need for a highly converting sales page including how to write a killer headline andwhich fonts, sizes and colors convert the best
  • Which salesletter elements you must include (and what you must avoid like the plague!)
  • How to be loved by Google (discover how to optimize your copy so you're picked up by the search engines)

I'm aware "350 Sales and Marketing Tactics" is not a physical product that comes in the mail.

It is a series of 7 reports in PDF format that I can download instantly

Yes, just $29.99

Report #7 Email Marketing Tactics

Email is an extrememly targeted, low cost and low effort marketing tool you can use to significantly increase your sales.

It is a fact that it is easier to generate sales from a list who has already bought from you. Take advantage of this by cross-selling and up-selling related products.

Employ these 50 savvy methods laid out in this report to get the most out of your email communications:

Inside "Email Marketing Tactics Book" Find Out...

  • An easy strategy you can implement immediately, that your customers will find hard to refuse
  • Why doing certain types of campaigns can dramatically increase your sales
  • How to make your upsell non-aggressive but still push for sales

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I'm aware "350 Sales and Marketing Tactics" is not a physical product that comes in the mail.

It is a series of 7 reports in PDF format that I can download instantly

Yes, just $29.99